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Beyond the MAGABomber, Trump’s Rhetoric Has Inspired a Series of Racist Attacks

Trump has been accused of drumming up racial animosity and encouraging violence.   The Intercept documents eight violent attacks by fervent Trump supporters.

These include:

  1. The MAGABomber, Cesar Sayoc, who frequented Trump rallies, then sent hand made pipe-bombs to individuals Trump demonized at those ralles
  2. Scott and Steve Leader, who attacked a homeless man whom they wrongfully thought was an illegal immigrant, and told police “Trump was right, they should all be deported”
  3. The Garden City “Crusaders,” open Trump supporters and followers of anti-muslim conspiracy theories, who planned a bombing attack against Somali Americans in Garden City, KS.
  4. Alexandre Bissonnette who opened fire on a mosque in Canada, killing six, who was “obsessed with Trump,” Googling him 800 times in the weeks leading up to the mass-shooting.
  5.  James Fields, a Neo-Nazi who was a fervent “Trump supporter because of what he believed to be Trump’s views on race,” who plowed a car into a group of protesters in Charlotte, NC, killing one.

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