GOP Rep Promotes Neo-Nazi on Twitter

Steve King (R-Iowa) retweeted a well-known neo-Nazi on Tuesday.  The move was part of an ongoing pattern by the congressman of promoting the views of openly white supremacist or racist individuals (see here for examples).

King tweeted: “Europe is waking up… Will America… in time?” –  linking to an anti-immigrant tweet from radical activist Mark Collett.  Collett is one of England’s most high-profile white supremacists.  Featured in the documentary “Young, Nazi and Proud,”  Collett expressed his admiration for Adolf Hitler, and says he considers AIDS a “friendly disease because blacks, drug users and gays have it.”

Congressman King, a long time Republican, has long endorsed the discredited consipracy theory that Barak Obama was a foreign born muslim, and defended keeping a Confederate Flag on his desk in the weeks following Dylan Roof’s race-inspired shooting of a church.

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