Trump-Linked Nonprofit Leader Caught on Camera Praising Nazis

In December of last year, policy advisor Juan Pablo Andrade from the Trump-linked America First Policies was caught on camera saying, “The only thing the Nazis didn’t get right is they didn’t keep fucking going!”

The non-profit was started to back the policy agenda of the Trump campaign.  Donors include CVS and Dow Chemicals.  The previous head of the organization, Carl Higbie, was forced to resign after making a number of racist remarks on his radio show, including:

“Go back to your Muslim shithole and go crap in your hands and bang little boys on Thursday nights.  I just don’t like Muslim people. People always rip me a new one for that. Carl, you’re racist, you can’t, you’re sexist. I’m like Jesus Christ. I just don’t like Muslim people because their ideology sucks.  Well people are like, ‘well, you can’t hate somebody just for being Muslim.  It’s like, yeah, I can. Do you hate people who rape little boys?”

Watch the video at Mediaite:

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